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Awards and Distinctions

Audience Choice Award Best Documentary, The Denver Underground Film Festival, 2003.
Jury Award Winner, The New York Film and Video Expo, 2003.
Juror's Citation, The Iowa City International Documentary Festival, 2004.
Third Prize in the Independent Documentary Category, The Canadian Annual Independent   Film and Video Festival, 2003.
Best of Festival Screening, Boston Cyber Arts Festival, 2003.
Nominated for Canada's Golden Sheaf Award for Best Documentary: Short Subject, at the Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival, 2004.

"Dear Pam plows through pop culture and its vacuities with a tender and leveling hand."  Nick Twemlow, Filmmaker Magazine
"Fascinating"  Geoff Pevere, The Toronto Star
"Charming" Sean K. Robb,

The National Gallery of Art: Washington, DC.  One of  eight piece chosen to represent Canada in a film series called New Canadian Documentary.  Dear Pam opened the series.  Summer 2003
Hot Docs International Documentary Festival: Toronto, Canada, Spring  2003
New York Film and Video Expo, Jury Award Winner, Winter 2003
Canadian International Annual Film Festival, Ontario, Canada, 3rd prize independent documentary,  Fall 2003.
Mix: New York Lesbian and Gay Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Fall 2003.
New England Film and Video Festival, Boston, MA, Fall 2004.
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival, Victoria, BC Columbia, Winter 2004

Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 2004.
Athens International Film and Video Festival, Spring 2003
Outfest Los Angeles, Summer 2003
Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Fall 2003
Denver Underground Film Festival, Winter 2003
Cucalorus Film Festival, NC, 2004
The Boston Cyberarts Festival, Spring 2003
Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Fall 2003.
Tidal Wave Festival, Fredericton, NB Canada, Fall 2003
Oni Gallery, Boston, January, 2003

"Recent Canadian popular history rests on a series of icons, architectural wonders of bigness, that make us seem real to ourselves: Expo '67, the CN tower, the West Edmonton Mall.  Then there's the latest iconic entry in Canadian history -- Pamela Anderson.  Arguably the most recognizable woman in the world, she is seen on TV by billions, and is the most searched (and found) name on the Internet.  Canadian iconicity goes global and jiggly.  Part fanzine love poem, part experimental bio-pic parody, "Dear Pam" is a witty and humorous rethinking of Canada by a group of raging "Pamaholics."
David McIntosh programmer at Hot Docs

Dear Pam Credits
Director:  John D. Scott
Producer:  John D. Scott  Karen Rodriguez
Director of Photography:   Karen Rodriguez , Roberto Carminati,  John D. Scott
Editor:  John D. Scott, Karen Rodriguez, Robert Todd
Graphics & Animation:   Mary Kocol, Liang Sean, John Ruggieri

Composer:  Ken Ueno

Starring:  Gleb Mikhalev  John Joyce  Ted Galo Teresa Huang

Dear Pam © Magpie Productions  1/2003  25 min.  Betacam SP

Dear Pam

A docu-comedy that compares major events in Canada's history with major events in Pamela Anderson's life.