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In an era where large corporate entities control the messages that get out to the public, many smaller activist television networks have sprung up to bring alternative perspectives on current events.  GUERRILLA TELEVISION: THE NEXT GENERATION is an energetic, thought-provoking , innovative look at some of these maverick television organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Distributed to high schools and colleges by The Media Education Foundation, 2000-2003.



"Even with the USA 'bias', Australian students made sense of and dug it -- I have a section on "community media' where it was most apt.  Students liked its self-reflective style, marvelous sense of humor, let alone the anti-hegemonic politics!"

   - Peter McGregor Lecturer Media and  Social Studies at the University of Western Sydney, Nepean.


"I use it to shake the students out of their assumptions that the way the television industry currently works is the natural and inevitable (or technologically determined) way it has to work.  With your video they learn about alternative programming... that present challenges to the dominant industry.  Students feel freer to criticize television and imagine new possibilities for television with the help of "Guerrilla Television [: The Next Generation]".

   - Larissa Faulkner.  Instructor of Television Criticism at The University of Iowa.


"I showed the video in my 'media theory and criticism' class in fall 99.  I showed it during the 2 weeks when I covered 'cultural studies'.  I used it as an example of resistance and that power/dominance is never static."

   -  Dr. Shujen Wang.  Assistant Professor of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College.

VHS copies available for $75

Guerilla Television: The Next Generation